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Early Bird Special: Watch as Dad plays guitar and his twin daughters rock out. 

Best part? When they catch each other’s eye and grin. 


Just saw this on Yahoo! SO cute. I replayed the part where they look at each other, like, three times, hahaha. SO adorable!!!

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I miss Imeem.


I’m a terrible person

So it’s late, and I’m about to pass out into a coma from my blood sugar being wayyy too low, but before I become unconscious, for some reason, I feel like writing some of my nonsensical thoughts.

Have I all of the sudden become a horrible friend and a selfish person, or am I just now realizing it? Did I slowly develop into this, or did this happen suddenly?

Since when am I too afraid to even text my friends?
Wtf is wrong with me?

A lot of prayer and work needs to take place this year because I want to make a lot of changes and improvements in my life, starting with being social again.


Why can’t life be like a video game?

I wish I could just push restart and go back to the last time I had saved, when I hadn’t screwed up.


I had to.

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This perfectly describes the majority of this past semester.


This terrible grammar makes me depressed.


What Makes You Beautiful Cover - One Direction - Michael Henry & Justin Robinett (by justinrobinett)

I love these guys.

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